The Three Baptisms

There are three baptisms which every child of Yahweh must have in order to become whole. We must be baptized of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. This Scripture confirms that John the Baptist spoke of the three baptisms in the Gospel of Luke: “I baptize you with water, but one more powerful than I will come, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit, and with fire.” Luke 3:16 In this Scripture Almighty Yahweh spoke to Adam about the three baptisms: “And inasmuch as ye were born into the world by water, and blood, and the Spirit which I have made, and so became of dust a living soul. Even so ye must be born again into the kingdom of

How Sin Enters

Satan cannot create he can only duplicate, therefore the way sin enters our lives today is the very selfsame way it entered into the Garden of Eden. The culprit is FEAR, it was fear then and it is fear now. The subdivisions of fear are worry, anxiety, stress, temptation, insecurity, desire, doubt and feelings of inadequacy; coupled with subtleties of making what is evil seem good, and what is good seem evil. This Scripture confirms that Satan brought fear when he fell to earth: And it was a loud intrusion and it brought violence to the oak trees and to the hills, and Cavah (EVE) was afraid and she screamed, and never before had Eden heard the sound of it. And her scream penetrated into the h


Ishmael's birth, the giving of the bondmaid to Abraham, and the sacrifice of Isaac were the plan of Satan Satan knew that Christ, the Son of Yahweh, would come through Abraham’s bloodline so Satan set out to contaminate that bloodline. The following Scriptures confirm that Satan knew the Messiah would come from Abraham’s bloodline: Now it came to pass that as Achee viewed these things, he saw a war going on over the life of this man Abraham, and Abraham knew nothing concerning the matter. But Semihazah (Satan) knew that this very man would be the father of a people out of which would come Messiah. And seeing Noah was departed, Semihazah was encouraged and put forward and renewed his intentio


The Name of the Saviour Almighty Yahweh sent His Only Begotten Son that we might have salvation, and our Saviour said: “And whatsoever ye shall ask in My name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” John 14:13 So let us be positive, clear, and precise on the most powerful name in the universe, the name above every name! The language of Yahweh is Hebrew and everyone agrees that the Christ was indeed a Hebrew. There was no letter “J” in the original Hebrew alphabet, therefore we know without a doubt that the Saviour’s name could not have been anything starting with or including the letter “J.” Psalm 119 is the alphabetic seed in the heart of Yahweh’s Word. It is call


The Prophets were established by Joseph This Scripture confirms that Joseph indeed established the prophets: For it came to pass that Joseph did not know, in the humility of his heart, the full extent of the effects of the element of righteousness that was under his hand. For he had called forth, by himself in prison, the conditions upon which Messiah would always be the God of his fathers, and the fathers of all the righteous henceforth and forever. And he established that there would be a common bond among all the righteous like unto the bond between him and his father. And he had also established the conditions whereby Messiah could have persons called prophets who, by the nature of thei

The Holy Calendar

Time did not exist in the Garden of Eden. The first calendar was established by Enoch upon the instruction of Yahshua Christ. Before Enoch there was no record of time, and no one knew how old they were. The calendar was established to acknowledge holy events that transpired after the fall, as explained in the previous chapter. April is the First Month of the Year according to Yahweh’s Calendar In the Beginning, April was the first month of the year and springtime was the first season. Therefore on the first day of creation when Yahweh said, “Let there be light” was April 1st, the day we mock and call “April Fools Day;” a time of triviality all filled with pranks. Yet another trick of Satan t


Prior to the fall of Adam and Eve time did not exist, as they lived in eternity. After the sin of Adam and Eve, time was created because Yahweh promised Adam that He would provide a pathway back to the Garden of Eden for all of the righteous. This Scripture confirms that time did not exist in the Garden of Eden: And as I looked I saw Cavah (EVE), the mother of all the living. And her feelings were very innocent and her eyes were wide she being filled with wonder and she clung unto the arm of her husband like a fawn would stay close at the side of the mother of it. And from my observation they looked to me to be about fourteen years old, albeit there is no time in Eden. Book of Remembrance

John the Baptist

John the Baptist was called “the Baptist” as it was short for baptizer. He was also called “the Submerger” because of the process of baptism he used where the body is laid flat under the water. He was the forerunner (precursor) for Yahshua Christ and preached the word of Yahweh to the masses in the wilderness. The following Scriptures concern John’s assignment, or his vision of created purpose(VCP): And it came to pass that the High Priest after Goker Harim II (Simeon) who was named Zebedee (father of James and John the Revelator) brought it unto this Great Council of the Community in full assembly by Urim. And he said that John was conceived and raised up and sent by Yahweh to prepare th

Sacred Monday

During the time of Christ, as stated previously, days were not named but numbered; as in the first day, second day, etc. The first day of the week was Friday, hence the fourth day is Monday (review Sabbath chapter). And it was on the fourth day of the week that many sacred events took place. The Messiah gave the first element of righteousness “Breaking Bread” to Adam and Eve on Monday This Scripture confirms that Christ gave the first element of righteousness on Monday, the fourth day: And another gift Messiah gave His Father on the fourth day of creation, in their (ADAM and EVE'S) behalf was the Bread of Life, and they had been sustained and protected and watched over until... Get enlighten

Moses, the Similitude of Yahshua Christ

Almighty Yahweh spoke these words: And I have a work for thee, Moses, My son; and thou art in the similitude of Mine Only Begotten. And Mine Only Begotten is and shall be the Saviour for He is full of grace and truth, but there is no God beside Me and all things are present with Me for I know them all. Moses 1:6 Moses was indeed the similitude of Yahshua Christ in every way, even from the very signs at his birth. Just a star marked the birth of Christ, in that same way a star marked the birth of Moses. A bright light marked their births At the birth of Moses: Yochebed brought forth a son, and the whole house was filled with great light as the light of the sun and moon at the time of their

Moses (Nahaban)

Moses, “The great Deliver,” was named Moses by the Egyptian princess who found him in the river and raised him; however his Hebrew name was Nahaben. Moses’ Hebrew name These Scriptures confirm that Jochebed (Moses’ Hebrew mother) named him Nahaben: And it came to pass that it was under these circumstances that a woman had a baby son who she named Nahaben, which is to say the Son of the River. And her husband was one who was away with the warriors of the king. And it seemed to her that he delayed his return and she feared for her son. And as she prayed unto the Lord for her son, the Lord told her not to give the child away but to make him a basket of reeds and give him to the river; for he wa

The Mark of Saycoo (Circumcision)

During ancient times there arose a wicked secret society called Saycoo that sought dominance over the people of Yahweh. They created a mark which was for an element of wickedness, and that mark was circumcision. While on a pilgrimage Methuselah, the son of Enoch, wandered off and no one knew where he was for many years. Sometime later Enoch visited the land of Towah, and to his surprise Methuselah was the great and powerful ruler of the land. But when Enoch and his wife Edni approached their son Methuselah with gladness asking, “Do you have a mother and father?” They were disowned by their son. Christ explained to Enoch why his son Methuselah shunned him, and the wickedness of circumcision

The Role of Women in the Bible

Although downplayed, women have been used mightly throughout the ages by Almighty Yahweh, and in His eyes women and men are equals. We know this to be true because Romans 2:11 states, “There is no respect of persons with Yahweh.” Mother Eve was the first of many women to be placed on assignment by Almighty Yahweh. Mother Eve She was the giver of Love, the first Prophetess, named Christ the Lamb, established the Rocks of Witness and the foundation for Shabuot Eve was the Giver of love And the Lord said, “Is she (EVE) not lovely? For all things are joined together in love because of her, and the waters loved the fish. And the rocks spoke with one accord in the beginning because of her. And she

The Names of Christ

There were twenty-four Holy Communities (High Priests) who prepared the way for the Messiah to come in the flesh. Because of Christ’s human-hood and because He came as an infant, outside forces were necessary to assist His coming. And each High Priest, upon completing their task, gave The Messiah a new name. This Scripture confirms the twenty-four Holy Communities: And Achee saw and bore witness, and they (High Priests) all came each in their turn. And they all established righteousness that calls forth the conditions which will beget some specific aspect of the being of the Son of Man, and they each one gave Him a new name. And each High Priest is a brother to one of the Eerkodeshoi (ANGELS

The Twelve Gifts of Jeshurun

The Hebrew term Jeshurun means “acts of righteousness.” The Twelve Gifts of Jeshurun are the twelve “acts of righteousness” which are the foundation of the Laws of Virtue that Christ gave to Yahweh before the foundation of the earth. Christ gave Achee (the grandson of Shem) this vision of Jeshurun: And Achee looked again and he beheld Jeshurun in the midst of all creation, which name by interpretation means to act in righteousness. And he said to the Lord, “Lord what is it that I am seeing?” And the Lord said, “Jeshurun is the foundation of the Law of Virtue that springs forth out of the heart of the Son of Yahweh. And they are also the twelve gifts of My offering to My Father which were

The Decrees of Creation

There were two great Decrees of Creation that were put forth before the foundation of the earth to insure the Power of Godliness would always be with the righteous. Yahweh spoke these words to Enoch: He said to Enoch, “I could not appear to them (ADAM & EVE) in the image of a man until Eden was complete, and Eden was not complete until the two of them were come together. For it was not until all of the elements of Olam (Ancient place of creation) had been transformed into life, that the souls of your first parents could become complete in each other. And I could not appear in the midst of creation in the image of a man until agency had intervened in such a way that all creation had t

The Feast Days of Yahweh

From the time of Enoch, Yahweh celebrated various holy days. Each of those days was sacred and dear to Him because on each of those days Yahshua Christ was able to intervene with goodliness. Christ spoke these words concerning holy days: “And each holy day represents to Him (YAHWEH) specific intervention that I (CHRIST) was enabled to make because of the day of the Measure of Miloo. And My Father is steadfast and He does not forget any of the holy days. And all of the Eerkodeshoi (ANGELS) celebrate them with Him. And up to this day He has had to celebrate them alone with regard to the children of men. Book of Remembrance of Enoch 13: 146 The Day of Gamal (When the Spirit of Yahweh entered


Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think! Ephesians 3:20 When Moses encountered Yahweh at the burning bush, he asked Yahweh what was His name was and Yahweh responded, “I am that I am.” And Yahweh said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM. And He said, “Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.” Exodus 3:14 This Scripture explains why Almighty Yahweh told Moses that His name was I am I am: Moses wanted to know Yahweh’s name, and Yahweh tells him, “I am that I am.” That is to say, “I am called or to be called in accordance with My work in this world.” When I judge mankind I am Elohim, that being the title or designation for

Ham's Curse

Who was cursed by Ham? At the time that Noah divided the earth, he made his sons take an oath that they would all abide by their inheritance and not seize the land of their brother, or a curse would befall them. After the death of Noah, Canaan (one of Ham's sons) seized part of Shem's inheritance in the land of Palestine, from Lebanon to Egypt. Ham demanded that his son Canaan not violate the oath of Noah. When Canaan disregarded his father’s request, Ham cursed his son Canaan. This Scripture confirms that the sons of Noah took an oath: And thus the sons of Noah divided unto their sons in the presence of Noah their father, and he bound them all by an oath imprecating a curse on everyone tha

The Measure of Miloo

Miloo was the wife of Amazyadad, who was a son of Enoch. Amazyadad would run rescue missions to free the righteous children of Yahweh from the wicked. It was because of Miloo's actions that the Messiah was able to intervene for the people of Yahweh. These Scriptures confirm that all of Miloo’s actions comforted Yahweh: And it came to pass that after Motsah (MESSIAH) explained the day of the New Year, that He spoke to Enoch further and He said, “Since the council of heaven where Anokeesed (YAWEH) declared that He would go into the temporal world Himself to rescue His children, the Great Holy One was anxious in His heart. And He worried whether His children would love His Son, and if they wo

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