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How Sin Enters

Satan cannot create he can only duplicate, therefore the way sin enters our lives today is the very selfsame way it entered into the Garden of Eden. The culprit is FEAR, it was fear then and it is fear now. The subdivisions of fear are worry, anxiety, stress, temptation, insecurity, desire, doubt and feelings of inadequacy; coupled with subtleties of making what is evil seem good, and what is good seem evil.

This Scripture confirms that Satan brought fear when he fell to earth:

And it was a loud intrusion and it brought violence to the oak trees and to the hills, and Cavah (EVE) was afraid and she screamed, and never before had Eden heard the sound of it. And her scream penetrated into the heart of Yaatsekawd (ADAM) and the tranquility of Eden was shattered. And Cavah ran all the way to the place where they dwelt weeping as she went, and she was afraid in Eden in.....

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