What Are You Thinking?

There is no greater power in heaven and earth than in the thoughts of the Son of Man. The Isaiah Effect Know that Yahweh called the world into existence. His thought performed a deed and light was. “Let us make man in our own image” was a forethought, and then man was. We are made in the image in likeness of Yahweh and His Spirit resides in us, therefore as with Yahweh, what we think too will manifest; therefore control your thoughts. When negativity or any evil imaginations creep in, cast them down, and IMMEDIATELY replace them with positive thoughts. This Scripture confirms that what you think will manifest: The thing which I feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come u

Manna for the Spirit

In order to become all that Yahweh meant us to be, we must nourish ourselves daily with positive mental images in spite of we are seeing and hearing. Self Image You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are His works. Psalms 139:14 For from being only dust He hath made you flesh, and from being only water He hath made you a solid man; and from being only an ejected drop, which shot forth upon the ground would have dried up on the surface of the earth, He hath fashioned you in His own likeness and hath made you in His own image. Kebra Nagast 26, last sentence At the death of Adam, Eve spoke these words to their son Seth: And who are the two dark-faced ones who stand by at the prayer o

The Meaning of Life

So many of us are baffled and spend our lives searching for life's meaning, while the truth is so simple. The true meaning of life is to be one with Yahweh, to know and love yourself, and to be confident. These Scriptures define the meaning of life: And the Oneness of creation of each one began to manifest itself before their eyes. And they began to see that the workmanship of Yahweh in creation in the wonders of the variety of it, and in the splendor of the uniqueness of it was also built into the soul of each person in Oneness. And the righteous could plainly see that each person was a marvelous work, and a wonder of Yahweh in and of themselves, and in their own uniqueness of their indiv

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