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The Author

The book’s author, Calla Victoria, is a native New Orleanian. Calla Victoria holds a BS Degree in Business Administration from renowned HBCU Southern University. She is also a graduate of the Institute de Beaute’ with a license in Aesthetics. She is an entrepreneur, visual artist, blogger, Master Gardener, journalist, and professional make-up artist.


“The Truth Concealed: The Revelation to Your Salvation” is Calla Victoria’s first published book. It was never Miss Victoria’s goal to write a book, this project started as a calendar. Calla Victoria set out to plot the actual dates when momentous events took place in the Holy Bible. While in the process of researching specific dates and times, she ran across intriguing and yet unknown pertinent information. Miss Victoria stashed that information aside thinking to add it to the flip pages of the Holy Calendar. At a certain point, Calla Victoria realized that she had uncovered so much information, much more than needed for the twelve flip pages on the calendar. It was at that point the need for the book became apparent. In the process of writing the book, Calla Victoria likes to say that she caught the "begats," you know Adam and Eve begat Caine and Able, etc., etc.  So in the midst of writing the book she also did "The Truth Family Tree" plotting the lineage of Christ.  The more she searched the more information she found, and her quest became finding out what truths were in these scriptures that caused them to be hidden from the faithful, hence the title of her book "The Truth Concealed."   


“The Truth Concealed: The Revelation to Your Salvation” is an expose of all of the worthless religious practices that we indulge in and perpetuate. This earthshaking book reveals the true birthdate of Christ, the true race of Christ, the true Sabbath day, and the true reason Adam and Eve sinned; all with scriptural verification.


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   “The Truth Concealed: The Revelation to Your Salvation” 
   “The Truth Calendar: The Holy Days of Yahweh” 
   “The Truth Family Tree: The Bloodline of Christ”

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