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Ishmael's birth, the giving of the bondmaid to Abraham, and the sacrifice of Isaac were the plan of Satan

Satan knew that Christ, the Son of Yahweh, would come through Abraham’s bloodline so Satan set out to contaminate that bloodline.

The following Scriptures confirm that Satan knew the Messiah would come from Abraham’s bloodline:

Now it came to pass that as Achee viewed these things, he saw a war going on over the life of this man Abraham, and Abraham knew nothing concerning the matter. But Semihazah (Satan) knew that this very man would be the father of a people out of which would come Messiah. And seeing Noah was departed, Semihazah was encouraged and put forward and renewed his intention to be the Son of Yahweh. And Semihazah conspired with all his host that if Abraham had a son there would be.....

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