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The Name of the Saviour

Almighty Yahweh sent His Only Begotten Son that we might have salvation, and our Saviour said:

“And whatsoever ye shall ask in My name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” John 14:13

So let us be positive, clear, and precise on the most powerful name in the universe, the name above every name! The language of Yahweh is Hebrew and everyone agrees that the Christ was indeed a Hebrew. There was no letter “J” in the original Hebrew alphabet, therefore we know without a doubt that the Saviour’s name could not have been anything starting with or including the letter “J.” Psalm 119 is the alphabetic seed in the heart of Yahweh’s Word. It is called the “Golden Alphabet” and is the longest text in the Holy Bible. Psalm 119 contains all twenty-two characters of the Hebrew alphabet starting with A-leph and ending with T-au. The word Y-od, which appears just above verse 73, stands for the letter “Y.” Some bibles have arbitrarily changed the “Y” to “J.”

This Scripture confirms that Hebrew is the language of Yahweh:

And I (YAHWEH) opened his (ABRAHAM’S) mouth, and his ears and his lips, and I began to speak with him in Hebrew, in the tongue of the creation. Jubilees 12:26-27

The first Bible was of course written in Hebrew, and the first translation of the Holy Bible from Hebrew was to Greek. There was no letter “J” in the Greek alphabet or ancient Latin either. The first English translation of the Holy Bible was by John Wycliffe in the late thirteenth century, and it was called the Wycliffe Bible. However the letter “J” was not added to the English alphabet until the sixteenth century. Therefore at the time of the original English translation of the Holy Bible the letter “J” did not even exist in the English language. It came along a full 300 years after the Wycliffe Bible was published. So there had to have been another name used for the Messiah in the original English translation of the Bible, and all previous Bibles.

This is the proof that the first English translation of the Bible was produced in the 13th century:

1384 AD: Wycliffe is the First Person to produce a (Hand-Written) manuscript Copy of the Complete Bible; All 80 Books.

The following is the proof that the letter “J” was not introduced into the English alphabet until the 16th century:

The letters “u” and “j,” as distinct from “v” and “i,” were introduced in the 16th century, and “w” assumed the status of an independent letter. (under “Modern English” caption, paragraph 2)

J-the letter is a late modification of the Roman -i-, originally a scribal creation in continental Medieval Latin to distinguish the small –i- in cursive writing from the strokes of other letters, especially in the final positions of words. But in English, -y- was use for this, and –j- was introduced c.1600-1640 to take up the consonantal sound that had evolve

from –i- since Late Latin times.

Yahweh’s Only Begotten Son’s name begins with the letter “Y.” It is the tenth letter of the Hebrew aleph-bet and has the numeric power of 10. It is the most frequently occurring letter in the Scriptures. It is the smallest and most humble letter in the Hebrew Aleph-bet, yet it is the letter from which all other alphabets are constructed.

Yahshua Christ was, is, and shall always be the name of the Messiah. I am sorry if this information disturbs you Beloved, and I truly feel your pain and frustration. I was told, several years ago, that the Saviour’s name was Yahshua and...

Get enlightened!

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