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The Holy Calendar

Time did not exist in the Garden of Eden. The first calendar was established by Enoch upon the instruction of Yahshua Christ. Before Enoch there was no record of time, and no one knew how old they were. The calendar was established to acknowledge holy events that transpired after the fall, as explained in the previous chapter.

April is the First Month of the Year according to Yahweh’s Calendar

In the Beginning, April was the first month of the year and springtime was the first season. Therefore on the first day of creation when Yahweh said, “Let there be light” was April 1st, the day we mock and call “April Fools Day;” a time of triviality all filled with pranks. Yet another trick of Satan to take the most important day of Creation and make it null and void.

This Scripture confirms that the first day of the year is in springtime and not in winter, as Christ instructed Enoch:

And Motsah (MESSIAH) replied, “Now then I say to you (ENOCH) that beginning with the first day of the season of renewal which you have named Chadashel (SPRINGTIME) you shall mark the first day of the year...

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