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Prior to the fall of Adam and Eve time did not exist, as they lived in eternity. After the sin of Adam and Eve, time was created because Yahweh promised Adam that He would provide a pathway back to the Garden of Eden for all of the righteous.

This Scripture confirms that time did not exist in the Garden of Eden:

And as I looked I saw Cavah (EVE), the mother of all the living. And her feelings were very innocent and her eyes were wide she being filled with wonder and she clung unto the arm of her husband like a fawn would stay close at the side of the mother of it. And from my observation they looked to me to be about fourteen years old, albeit there is no time in Eden.

Book of Remembrance of Enoch 1:12

Time is a female angel named Adahiel

These Scriptures confirm the gender of the angel Time:

And because both Yaatsekawd (ADAM) and Anokeesed (YAHWEH) were wholly in the temporal world, time became a living soul in the midst of the temporal world to be numbered among the Eerkodeshoi (ANGELS). And her name is Adahiel, and you shall see to it that she finds her place among the Eerkodeshoi. And Adahiel is a temporal element like unto all of the other Eerkodeshoi. For she lives in the light of the sun, and she lives in the heart of....

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