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The Role of Women in the Bible

Although downplayed, women have been used mightly throughout the ages by Almighty Yahweh, and in His eyes women and men are equals. We know this to be true because Romans 2:11 states, “There is no respect of persons with Yahweh.” Mother Eve was the first of many women to be placed on assignment by Almighty Yahweh.

Mother Eve

She was the giver of Love, the first Prophetess, named Christ the Lamb, established the Rocks of Witness and the foundation for Shabuot

Eve was the Giver of love

And the Lord said, “Is she (EVE) not lovely? For all things are joined together in love because of her, and the waters loved the fish. And the rocks spoke with one accord in the beginning because of her. And she caused the bees to love the flowers, and to labor to make an excess of honey out of their love for....

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