Christmas trees

We deck our homes out with Christmas trees during the holiday season, thinking this is a good thing.

We buy live trees, artificial trees, trees with fiber optic lights, rotating trees, etc. We make the Christmas tree (cedar tree) an idol and sit for hours mesmerized by it. But it was the cedar (Christmas) tree that Eve sinned on and brought trauma into the earth. Yes the tree that we lavish with ornaments and give a prominent place in our homes is the very same tree that Satan tempted our Mother Eve with.

These Scriptures confirm Eve’s temptation at the cedar tree:

And the subtleties of Ahroom (serpent) were in her heart and the spirit of Mowtsoor (Satan) drew near and he said to her in her heart, “You could become like Yahweh and know how to keep fear from your child if you used the tree that is before you, for you are very good.” And you are good enough that you are willing to give...

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