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Manna for the Spirit

In order to become all that Yahweh meant us to be, we must nourish ourselves daily with positive mental images in spite of we are seeing and hearing.

Self Image

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are His works. Psalms 139:14

For from being only dust He hath made you flesh, and from being only water He hath made you a solid man; and from being only an ejected drop, which shot forth upon the ground would have dried up on the surface of the earth, He hath fashioned you in His own likeness and hath made you in His own image. Kebra Nagast 26, last sentence

At the death of Adam, Eve spoke these words to their son Seth:

And who are the two dark-faced ones who stand by at the prayer of your father? And Seth says to his mother, “These are the sun and the moon, and they are falling down and praying for my father Adam. Eve says to him, “And where is their light, and why have they become black-looking?” And Seth says to her, “They cannot shine in the presence of the Light of the universe.......

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