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John the Baptist

John the Baptist was called “the Baptist” as it was short for baptizer. He was also called “the Submerger” because of the process of baptism he used where the body is laid flat under the water. He was the forerunner (precursor) for Yahshua Christ and preached the word of Yahweh to the masses in the wilderness.

The following Scriptures concern John’s assignment, or his vision of created purpose(VCP):

And it came to pass that the High Priest after Goker Harim II (Simeon) who was named Zebedee (father of James and John the Revelator) brought it unto this Great Council of the Community in full assembly by Urim. And he said that John was conceived and raised up and sent by Yahweh to prepare the way before Messiah. 1 Achee 7:63

As it is written in the prophets, Behold, I send My messenger before Thy face, which shall prepare Thy way before Thee. Mark 1:2

John was in the wilderness as a result of the “slaughter of the innocent” decreed by King Herod, in his quest to kill the Messiah. When King Herod sought to kill the Messiah he sought all male Hebrew children up to the age of two years, John the Baptist was therefore included in that edict. Unlike the Messiah whose birth was a rumor to many, the birth of John was heralded throughout the countryside. His father, Zacharias the priest, was stricken dumb after the Archangel Gabriel prophesied to him of the birth of John. Gabriel struck him speechless because Zacharias spoke words of doubt because his wife was pass the age of childbearing. As all words have power, Gabriel could not allow Zacharias to speak against that birth. When John was born Zacharias regained his speech and it was the talk of the countryside, therefore King Herod was very much aware of the miraculous...

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