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The Mark of Saycoo (Circumcision)

During ancient times there arose a wicked secret society called Saycoo that sought dominance over the people of Yahweh. They created a mark which was for an element of wickedness, and that mark was circumcision.

While on a pilgrimage Methuselah, the son of Enoch, wandered off and no one knew where he was for many years. Sometime later Enoch visited the land of Towah, and to his surprise Methuselah was the great and powerful ruler of the land. But when Enoch and his wife Edni approached their son Methuselah with gladness asking, “Do you have a mother and father?” They were disowned by their son.

Christ explained to Enoch why his son Methuselah shunned him, and the wickedness of circumcision:

“Your son Methuselah spoke thus to you because he came into the land of Towah as a stranger, and no man knew from whence he came and they knew not any of his kindred. And seeing he could find advantage from this and by the example of the masters of the Society of Saycoo, he has asserted to his fellows that he is a son of Yahweh, and that he can be a father to sons of Yahweh. And thus he has been deceived by Mowtsoor the Decadent (Satan), who also wishes to be the son of Yahweh. And he has put forth to them that because he is a son of Yahweh it is his right to rule over his fellows. And he has placed a mark upon his body by removing the flesh of his foreskin to indicate to his fellows that he is a son of Yahweh, and therefore...

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