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Moses (Nahaban)

Moses, “The great Deliver,” was named Moses by the Egyptian princess who found him in the river and raised him; however his Hebrew name was Nahaben.

Moses’ Hebrew name

These Scriptures confirm that Jochebed (Moses’ Hebrew mother) named him Nahaben:

And it came to pass that it was under these circumstances that a woman had a baby son who she named Nahaben, which is to say the Son of the River. And her husband was one who was away with the warriors of the king. And it seemed to her that he delayed his return and she feared for her son. And as she prayed unto the Lord for her son, the Lord told her not to give the child away but to make him a basket of reeds and give him to the river; for he was a Son of the River....

Moses did not stutter as it has been reported that he was “slow of speech.” Over years of translating the Scriptures, that verse was mistranslated. As Moses was not raised among his people he did not know how to speak Hebrew. He spoke only the language and the writings of the Egyptians. This is why he needed Aaron, who served as his interpreter to the children of Israel. Aaron worked in Pharaoh's court making idols, and he could speak the Egyptian tongue as well as Hebrew, therefore could converse with Moses and the children of Israel.

This Scripture proves that Moses did not speak Hebrew:

Thus Moses began to know that he was one of the children of Israel. And he spoke the language of his mother (the Egyptian Princess), for he was learned in all her ways and he could not speak the language of the children of Israel. 1 Achee 4:16

This Scripture confirms that Moses told Yahweh he did not speak Hebrew, and not that he was slow of speech:

And Moses said, “Oh Lord I cannot speak the language of the children of Israel. And they think of me as one they will not heed. Who will speak for me unto the children of Israel?” And the Lord said, “Go and search and perhaps you will find one who will stand as a spokesman before...

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