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The Names of Christ

There were twenty-four Holy Communities (High Priests) who prepared the way for the Messiah to come in the flesh. Because of Christ’s human-hood and because He came as an infant, outside forces were necessary to assist His coming. And each High Priest, upon completing their task, gave The Messiah a new name.

This Scripture confirms the twenty-four Holy Communities:

And Achee saw and bore witness, and they (High Priests) all came each in their turn. And they all established righteousness that calls forth the conditions which will beget some specific aspect of the being of the Son of Man, and they each one gave Him a new name. And each High Priest is a brother to one of the Eerkodeshoi (ANGELS) with a special bond between them that springs forth out of Shabuot (Covenant of Love). 2 Achee 2:18

Bread of Life Given by Adam, who was the 1st High Priest Community

These Scriptures concern when Christ made bread for Adam and Eve in the Garden:

And she (EVE) looked at Him to see what He (CHRIST) would do with it and He said, “It is for eating.” And He broke off a piece with His fingers and He said, ”When you break it, it will sweep away all of the effects that come by the presence of Mowtsoor the Decadent (Satan). For inside of this bread is the breath that is in Me, and it gives life to it, and breaking it will bring to birth the spirit of life which...

Note: Yes, Christ was in the Garden of Eden. Is He not the Beginning?

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