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The Decrees of Creation

There were two great Decrees of Creation that were put forth before the foundation of the earth to insure the Power of Godliness would always be with the righteous.

Yahweh spoke these words to Enoch: He said to Enoch, “I could not appear to them (ADAM & EVE) in the image of a man until Eden was complete, and Eden was not complete until the two of them were come together. For it was not until all of the elements of Olam (Ancient place of creation) had been transformed into life, that the souls of your first parents could become complete in each other. And I could not appear in the midst of creation in the image of a man until agency had intervened in such a way that all creation had the four spirits of life, and this is according to the first Decree of Creation.” And it came to pass that Enoch beheld a great.....

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