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The Feast Days of Yahweh

From the time of Enoch, Yahweh celebrated various holy days. Each of those days was sacred and dear to Him because on each of those days Yahshua Christ was able to intervene with goodliness.

Christ spoke these words concerning holy days:

“And each holy day represents to Him (YAHWEH) specific intervention that I (CHRIST) was enabled to make because of the day of the Measure of Miloo. And My Father is steadfast and He does not forget any of the holy days. And all of the Eerkodeshoi (ANGELS) celebrate them with Him. And up to this day He has had to celebrate them alone with regard to the children of men. Book of Remembrance of Enoch 13: 146

The Day of Gamal (When the Spirit of Yahweh entered Adam and Eve)

And the day of Gamal (when the Spirit of Yahweh enters) initiates the second part of creation. And the Decrees of Creation declare that all of these things must be done by man and Yahweh together. And the Day of Gamal is the first religious day of passage.....

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