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The Measure of Miloo

Miloo was the wife of Amazyadad, who was a son of Enoch. Amazyadad would run rescue missions to free the righteous children of Yahweh from the wicked. It was because of Miloo's actions that the Messiah was able to intervene for the people of Yahweh.

These Scriptures confirm that all of Miloo’s actions comforted Yahweh:

And it came to pass that after Motsah (MESSIAH) explained the day of the New Year, that He spoke to Enoch further and He said, “Since the council of heaven where Anokeesed (YAWEH) declared that He would go into the temporal world Himself to rescue His children, the Great Holy One was anxious in His heart. And He worried whether His children would love His Son, and if they would respect Him, and honor His words, and His pleadings in their hearts; for He knew that His Son was their only way back to Him.” And as the righteous and the wicked among men began to divide in the midst of the earth, this question was before His face. And it seemed that all of the handiwork of His love was groping to find their way. And in the midst of this perplexity of Anokeesed there came a wonderfully strong woman who relieved His anxiety to know whether His children would love His Son; and it was on the day that Edra named the Aral Sea. And as Edra named the sea while standing in the water, this lovely one came who is dearly beloved by Anokeesed, and it was Miloo. And she was very strong in her determination and in her love for the Lord, and she had learned how to endure all the hardships of life. And in the midst of the multitude she got herself up upon a table of the fish yard, and as Edra spoke to the sea she made great declarations to the multitude assembled. And her voice carried out over the water and all who were present could hear her words, albeit they were not loud. Now she is called Miloo because she has consecrated her life, in full measure, to give it to Motsah the Lamb. And she declared with a clear voice to all who were assembled the meaning of the Living Waters, and the righteousness of the waters of Eden that were flowing into their land. And she expounded to them all the necessity of giving their lives to the Son of......

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