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The Subtleties of Satan

The subtleties of twisting the truth about that which was good and that which was evil, in the Garden of Eden, were the devices used by Satan to bring the fall. As he cannot create, Satan is using those same old tricks today, but with amazing success. Yea, the tactics of making what is evil appear good are alive and prospering today! Behold, these are just a few of Satan’s subtleties:

1. We have been deceived to believe that black is evil and white good.

This imagery is all around us. The “black knight” is the villan, while the hero is the one the white horse; and also the myth that good things come from some jovial white man called Santa. If a black cat crosses your path it is believed that you will have bad luck. We have been deceived to believe that black skin is inferior and a part of some curse, therefore bleaching creams boast profits in the billions as we are obsessed with achieving that false image of beauty which is pale skin. While in truth, the black race are the chosen people of Yahweh starting with Adam and Eve, Enoch.....

Get enlightened!

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