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The Law of Aaron (Aaronic Priesthood/The Sanhedrin)

Moses did not speak the language of the Hebrews because he was raised by Egyptians, as previously stated in the Moses chapter. Therefore he relied on his brother Aaron to interpreter his words to the children of Israel. Aaron was Hebrew, but because he worked in the palace of Pharaoh he spoke both Hebrew and the Egyptian dialects. Aaron, in his greed and selfishness, twisted and distorted the words of Yahweh given to him by Moses; consequently the religion of the nation of Israel, which many practice even today, was corrupted right after the Exodus.

The following Scriptures confirm that Aaron was not sorry for fashioning the golden calf and sought wealth and fame for himself, as Moses returned from the mountain:

About this time the people beheld Moses that he was come, and they all stood still and were silent before him. And Moses said, “Who does make idols in your midst?” And they answered, “Aaron.” And Moses said, “Where is Aaron the idol maker?” And Aaron said, “Here am I.” And Moses said, “You are the one who has been set apart and established as a priest before Yahweh, and you make idols? These people have had the Lord establish the tabernacle in their midst and all their worship is in place and now they pray to Hapi on the Sabbath?” And Aaron answered him not a word. And Moses said, “Grind your idol to powder and scatter it abroad on the north side of the camp.” And Moses went out and called upon the Lord, and Moses asked Yahweh to forgive Aaron but the Lord would not. The Lord declared unto Moses that Aaron was not repentant and mischief yet remained in his....

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