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Apostle John the Revelator

Yahshua Christ was present at the birth of John the Revelator. Christ protected John from the forces of evil sent to destroy him, and Christ Himself named John. Yahshua Christ was John's first cousin as Zabdee, John's father, was Joseph’s sister’s husband.

These Scriptures confirm that Joseph, the earthly father of Christ, was Apostle John's uncle:

And there in a large bend of the stream were the ruins of an ancient settlement called Tishbeh, which means recourse or place where protection is offered. And it was the dwelling place of Elijah and his Community, and the church settlement was called Nazareth of Tishbeh. Notwithstanding the place had been in ruins for a long time, and in this place among the people of the Church dwelt Salome, the sister of Joseph, and her husband Zabdee who was inscribed first in the Church. And many.....

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