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By far one of the most powerful individuals in the Holy Bible was Enoch, as he was one of the first to walk with Almighty Yahweh. However, there are only a few verses on him included in the Holy Bible.

And Enoch walked with Yahweh and he was not, for Yahweh took him. Genesis 5:24

Enoch was delivered and named by our Holy Mother Eve

This Scripture confirms that Mother Eve was Enoch’s midwife:

Now it came to pass that in the village of Annaway, Enoch was born into the hands of the Mother of All the Living (EVE), and she breathed into him his first breath of life, and she covered him with her special covering and she handed him to his mother. Book of Remembrance of Enoch 2:32

These Scriptures confirms that Eve named Enoch, as she conversed with his mother:

“And he shall be called Enoch because he is raised up.” And she (EVE) held him high toward Yahweh. “And he is dedicated to the fulfillment of the......

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