Your Creation

Because of circumstances in our lives we sometimes cannot believe that Yahweh loves us. Nor can we receive it when someone walks up to us and says, “God loves you.” We think that if He truly loved me so much, why would He let this or that happen to me? I know that, without a doubt, Yahweh loves you dearly because of what transpired when you were created.

Before you were born, the Messiah created a vision of the possible righteous life for each person which is called our “Vision of Created Purpose;” and showed that wonder to Yahweh, and that is how each soul is created. After your first breath Yahshua Christ prayed over you for four days, and then He Himself lifted you up and introduced you to the universe.

These Scriptures confirm how each soul is created: For whenever a human soul is born upon the earth, in whatsoever land they be in, Messiah prays for them and He instructs all the Eerkodeshoi (ANGELS) in their behalf for the first four days of their life, after their first breath. And on the fifth day thereafter, that child is presented by Him unto all the Eerkodeshoi as a new living soul who is now in element in their midst. And they are to view that child according to the manner of all His instructions. This is called the vision of the created purpose of this child. And it is of a certainty that Messiah has performed this act for every child that has entered...

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